Swarovski® Crystalpixie Nailsets – Edge vs. Petite

If you want to know the differences between the two Swarovski® nailsets Crystalpixie™ Edge and Crystalpixie™ Petite, we will introduce you to the easily recognizable product features.

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Crystal Pixie Petite Nailset

Crystal Pixie Cute Mood

Cute Mood

crystal colour transparent iridescent, Petite, also available as Edge version
(product image deviating!)

Crystal Pixie Edge Nailset

Crystalpixie White ballet

White Ballet

crystal colour white matt, Edge


Crystalpixie™ Petite, Cute Mood – consisting of
  • Pixies in the size of PP3 (~ 1mm) in the crystal colour transparent iridescent
  • partly faceted, partly rounded Swarovski crystals
  • you will recognize Crystalpixie™ Petite by the transparent acrylic bottle, using the rounded bottle cap
Crystalpixie™ Edge, White Ballet – consisting of
  • Pixies in the size of PP9 (~ 1,5mm) in the crystal colour white matte
  • exclusively faceted Swarovski crystals (bicone beads), the double-cone shape makes Edge angular and more unconventional
  • you will recognize Crystalpixie™ Edge by the transparent acrylic bottle, using the more tapered bottle cap

When applying both types of mini crystals, there are no significant differences. Both variants are sprinkled on wet nail polish. Using a 10g nailset fingernails are dipped directly into the bottle.

We have already prepared a step-by-step guide how to decorate your fingernails using Crystal Pixie nailsets, please click here.


Crystalpixie™ Petite, Cute Mood
  • filigree, rounded
  • conviction in a two-dimensional application or on all of your 10 fingernails
  • more subtle appearance
  • the partly iridescent crystals create a nice 3D glitter effect
Crystalpixie™ Edge, White Ballet
  • square & edgy – as the product name already pretends
  • conviction in the accentuated application or on individual fingernails
  • coarser, “rockier” appearance
  • the matt, white colour produces a slightly restrained accent and is thus also suitable for urban occasions

Both pixie types stick fast after drying on the nail polish. While the Petite crystals may need a slightly longer drying period for adhesion, the Edge pixies are snug on the nail fairly quickly. But due to their larger surface, they may dissolve faster doing everyday work, while Petite can keep up in common use.

For better adhesion and durability, gently press Crystalpixie™ on the covered nail after the application. Protect nail edges by using a top coat.

Drying times can be accelerated with a standard nail dryer.



Using a conventional nail polish remover, crystals can be removed quickly. The removal of the Edge pixies is quite easier than of the Petite, which certainly is caused by size and texture.



Visit our product website for a complete overview of all nailsets and many other application examples: https://www.crystal-naildesign.com

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