Swarovski® Crystal Inspirations 2018/19 – Nostalgia

Swarovski Nostalgia Crystals

Swarovski Professional’s Nostalgia trend theme for Fall/Winter 2018/19 reacts against overwhelming visual stimulus.

It represents the need to slow down, disconnect, step back, and stop the noise. The superfluous is stripped away to take everything back to the essentials, leaving clean lines and scant embellishment to achieve a sense of sacred solitude.

Nostalgia: Melancholy, Serenity, Whimsy, Wistfulness


Underlying the current mood is a quest for stillness and truth as a counter trend to the “always on” world. There is an increasing reliance on instinct and a paring back of design elements—joy is to be found in stopping the noise and slowing down. Palettes are muted, with powder gray and foggy neutrals recalling windswept winter beaches.

Jewelry: Simple craftsmanship has an organic, sculptural appeal, with a twist of sentiment. Pearls and neo-Victorian lace patterning add drama to contemporary designs.

Fashion: Puritan ideals make for pared back designs with strict lines, longer and fuller skirts, sturdy wool capes and theatrical high-waist pants. Sleeves, cuffs and collars are both practical necessities and embellishment platforms.

Accessories: Craftsmanship is valued alongside practical key pieces that could become future heirlooms. Undulating hat shapes and Victoriana ankle boots are plain and sober, the strict detailing offset with focused flashes of crystal.

New segments: Understated luxury places the focus on simplicity. Products inspired by the late 19th-century become must-have items as nostalgia prevails.

Swarovski Professional innovations that work for the Nostalgia trend include the Growing Crystal Rhombus Pendant. It is a Designer Edition created in collaboration with visionary couturier Iris van Herpen that mimics the imperfect beauty of naturally occurring crystals.

Suggesting classic style, Slim Trilliant Fancy Stone can also be used to add a dazzlingly fresh dimension to vintage designs, while the Crystal Pearl Bow Metal Part echoes a feminine whimsy and Victorian love of decoration, albeit with a thoroughly modern sensibility.

Find out more about the innovations in the Swarovski product catalogue Light & Shadow, Fall/Winter 2018-19.

You can order the products of the NOSTALGIA Collection at our online store soon.

Copyright Images/Text: © Swarovski, a.s.
Hintergrund Visual fotolia.de, ID #124647848 – © tomertu

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