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Within the NEREID Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2018-19, PRECIOSA presents two new cuts (Buff Top Square and Snowflake), two new colours (Tourmaline and Tanzanite) and the product Aventurine for their Zirconia and Nanogems product range.

Snowflake and Buff Top Sqaure – new cuts

Preciosa Nanogems
The scintillating effect created by our Snowflake (image above right) cut’s 61 facets makes it a perfect stand-alone stone or focal piece. This unique cut is a market first and gives the stone a rich, luxurious aesthetic that pairs well with everything.

Snowflake is available in three sizes, (3.00, 4.00, 5.00 mm).

A new take on the classic Princess cut, the 24-facet Buff Top Square (image above left) is simple and sleek. Its smooth, polished dome and lasting durability makes the Buff Top Square a men’s jewelry favorite and is the perfect minimalist enhancement.

Buff Top Square is available in three sizes, (2.00, 2.50, 3.00 mm). Both of them come in the new PRECIOSA’s catalogue offer of colors for premium quality, lead-free Zirconia and Nanogems.


Aventurine – new product

Inspired by mythical sunken treasure lost long ago to the murky abyss, our glass Aventurine is speckled with flecks of gold intended to perfectly replicate the shimmer and texture of natural aventurine quartz. Stunningly smooth and with its creamy coloring, Aventurine is the ultimate in effortless enhancement.

Available is offered in Nanogems sizes and in round shapes, the glass Aventurine comes in two colours: Gold and Blue.


Tourmaline and Tanzanite – new colours

Tourmaline & Tanzanite
Tourmaline (image above right) perfect blend of blue and green is one that has and never will go out of style. Its vibrant, sophisticated hue pairs well with a variety of colors and platings making Tourmaline the anticipated star of many AW 2018/19 runway looks.

A favorite color choice of respected jewelers from around the world, the sought-after violet-blue hue of natural tanzanite gemstones (image above left) makes it one of the most valuable. PRECIOSA’s Tanzanite is indistinguishable from its natural counterpart and its flawlessly icy tone makes it an instant cold weather classic.

Tanzanite and Tourmaline are now part the lead-free Nanogems. Suitable application methods include lost wax casting, setting, pressing, cup chains, CNC setting and gluing.

Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19, now the Zirconia and Nanogems are available on request.


Copyright product text & images: © PRECIOSA, a.s.

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