Preciosa NEREID – New Coatings / Plating

The new coatings Crystal Lava and Crystal Red Flame as well as the Ruthenium Plating are innovations of the NEREID Inspirations Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

To get an idea of ​​the new autumn / winter collection, a few impressions:


Crystal Lava

NEREID Crystal Red Lava

A dreamy mixture of red, orange and pink hues, Crystal Lava provides the perfect pop of color and warmth to an otherwise inky fall palette. Its oversaturated tones give the coating a tantalizing, almost erotic nature able to enliven any winter weather-ready piece.

Crystal Lava is now part of the PRECIOSA catalogue offer of coatings for premium quality, lead-free MC Chaton MAXIMA and MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA product lines.


Crystal Red Flame

Crystal Flame Coating

Crystal Red Flame is bitter and metallic, and the perfect balance to sweeter, citrusier tones. A luxury brand staple, the rich scarlet shade of Red Flame gives a touch of opulence to every piece it adorns.

Crystal Red Flame is now part of the PRECIOSA catalogue offer of coatings for premium quality, lead-free MC Chaton MAXIMA, MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA and MC Heart MAXIMA 1H product lines.


Ruthenium Plating

NEREID - Ruthenium Plating

A chic setting for any color or coating, Ruthenium plating provides a subtle yet strong statement with its cold, chrome-like sheen that gives an underground, fetish-y feel to any seasonal accessory.

Available as cup chains, rondelles, balls, crystal tubing and settings, our Ruthenium plating is part of the premium quality MAXIMA product range and is both lead-free and nickel-free.

Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19, now the new products are available at our online store or on request.


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