PANTONE colour trends 2018: Ultra-Violet

PANTONE ultra-violet 2018

Annually PANTONE® chooses a main Color of the Year. While last year we dipped everything into a mixture of yellow and green (PANTONE® 15-0343 Greenery), this year it will be complementary. For 2018, PANTONE has chosen a dramatic purple: PANTONE® 18-3838 Ultra-Violet.

Fashion colour trends Spring 2018

In addition to the intense purple, PANTONE assembles other nuances for a colour palette as well. Due to the trends of New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, we can expect colours with a special appreciation for the complexity and peculiarity of colours for next spring.

Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.

Colour tones dominate that convey a strong expression, that develop and with which it is possible to act creatively. The special variety of colours is the result of the current use of colour by us consumers. Cultural barriers and gender barriers (unisex) are overcome.

As a classic colour is the cornerstone of the wardrobe for us consumers, on which we build our own personal style, the nuances of the Classics for the 2018 spring season will also play a greater role in the future.

Spring 2018 New York Fashion Week colour palette (12 derived nuances)
  1. PANTONE® 13-0646 Meadowlark
  2. PANTONE® 17-1563 Cherry Tomato
  3. PANTONE® 16-4132 Little Boy Blue
  4. PANTONE® 18-1440 Chili Oil
  5. PANTONE® 14-3207 Pink Lavender
  6. PANTONE® 15-1520 Blooming Dahlia
  7. PANTONE® 18-3838 Ultra-Violet
  8. PANTONE® 16-5533 Arcadia
  9. PANTONE® 18-1028 Emperador
  10. PANTONE® 12-2103 Almost Mauve
  11. PANTONE® 17-3020 Spring Crocus
  12. PANTONE® 13-0550 Lime Punch
Spring 2018 Classic colour palette (4 basic colours)
  1. PANTONE® 19-4034 Sailor Blue
  2. PANTONE® 14-4202 Harbor Mist
  3. PANTONE® 15-1214 Warm Sand
  4. PANTONE® 11-0608 Coconut Milk
About the Fashion colour trend report

The colours featured in the semiannual PANTONE Fashion Colour Trend Report are selected from the PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color System, the most widely used and recognized colour standards system for fashion, textile, home and interior design.

The Pantone Color Institute issues the PANTONE Fashion Colour Trend Report for London, and the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report for New York as semi-annual colour trend forecasts for the upcoming season, highlighting the top colours you can expect to see at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. The PANTONE Fashion Colour Trend Report serves as a colour reference throughout the season for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers.

PANTONE is not the only Color Institute which creates annualy a special colour of the year. Companies like Sherwin-WilliamsOceanside SW 6496 (172-C7) or Sikkens Heart Wood literally mix in the paint pot.

Swarovski® Color Carousel helps you to find the trend colour Ultra-Violet, e.g. Tanzanite, simply and quickly by mouse click.

Discover on the website an extensive selection of colours. To do this, turn the arrow keys until your desired main colour appears or click directly on one of the colours on the navbar below to find the desired combination.

color carousel Swarovski

If you would like to get a preview of the upcoming colour trends for the next Autumn/Winter 2018/19, you can find it on the Social Media pinboard Pinterest, for example.


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